Marianne´s Reborn Dolls - look like real babies!

I´m a Finnish reborn artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as a doctor, but I´m also a reborn doll maker! My reborn babies look like real babies , take a look!

This is my story.

One day in the lovely springtime 2008 I found Reborn dolls at internet. I couldn´t believe my eyes! They just looked like real babies! I found a reborn course in Finland. So I took a boat overseas and now I´m a reborn artist since many years now!I use Real Effect technique and my teacher is the first reborn artist in Finland, very talented. I have since developed my technique and have attended further education.



My goal

My goal is to make high quality dolls, as realistic as possible and I never let go until I´m fully satisfied. Only first class materials are used in my dolls. The skin is created with Real Effect colors and treated for good durability. It´s painted in many layers with all baby spots and veins. It really looks like real baby skin!


I use high quality mohair. It takes many hours to micro root the hair, 1-2 hairs at the time, but the final result is worth all the effort! I always use the most beautiful eyes, "Lauscha crystal", which gives the impression of real baby eyes. The disc joint soft body is filled with ´baby fat` and weighted with small metall granulates. I never use sand in my reborn babies.


It´s always a wonderful moment to see the new little reborn baby! I really enjoy making these babies and hope you enjoy the pictures! Don´t hesitate to mail me if you have any questions!